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Sandhills Archery Club West Fargo, North Dakota Chartered in Fargo, ND
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Join Sandhills Archery Club Today


Sandhills Archery Park Is located at 3001 West Charyl Avenue, West Fargo, ND.

How to get there:  From the north side of West Fargo Fairgrounds take the frontage road west of the Highway Host…then north to Sandhills Avenue to Archery Blvd and you will enter the parking lot.


Your new membership card will be sent to you at the address you provide below.


Memberships can be purchased at Sportsman's Warehouse and Scheel's sporting goods stores.


A key for 24/7 access to the indoor range can be rented for $35.  Keys rented during the year are good until December 31.  Contact Scott Volden at (701) 2803141 or Email:

            Indoor Range Lockers are available in limited number. 

Contact Brian Horn at (218) 291-0499 or Email:


Send your check and this form to:                    

Sandhills Archery Club, Membership

P.O. Box 1022

Fargo, ND 58107

Make your check payable to:  Sandhills Archery Club


Return the following:

Membership is for a full year from your Renewal Date

Please check:

__ Single membership                   $65.00*  Age 16 and up

__ Family membership                  $95.00   Includes children to age 16.

__ Indoor key rental to 12/31/05  $35.00  

__ Locker, Indoor Range             $20.00

__ Other: _________________  $ _____


Amount Enclosed   $ _____________


Your new membership card will be sent to the following address:




Home Phone: _________________________

Daytime Phone: _________________________

Mobil Phone: ___________________________

My E-mail address is __________________________________________________

*Single membership with one or more children using the park must purchase a family membership.


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